Tap Me If You Can!

a Tap'em up game!

TMIYC is an arcade game inspired by classical Shoot’em Up titles
and introducing a fresh gameplay approach.

Designed for touch screens only, TMIYC’s ambition is
to bring a raising genre, The Tap’em Up, to a next level.

A Secret Infestation Threat

TMIYC Inc.'s daredevils scientists made a mess...
Take up a new kind of challenge and learn
the difficult TMIYCs' cleaner job in a fast paced
Tap'em Up of a new generation.
Will your skills be up to the task? 

TMIYC Inc. is recruiting:

Are you fearless and fast as lightning?
Join the TMIYC Inc.'s cleaners team. No experience required,
amazing earnings and supplied equipment. Strict secrecy
and immediate availability demanded.
Career development guaranteed.

Your task: to clean.

A fresh and fast paced gameplay: just tap'em up!

Discover the excitement of playing a Tap'em Up of a new generation designed for touch screens only. Your fingers and skill are your weapons and they will be challenged! 

A varied and evolving gameplay in an universe of its own.

Progressively discover the different TMIYCs, their strengths and weaknesses, in 10 different zones each offering its own unique layout, hand made graphics and soundtrack.  Earn bonuses, use and even combine them for more efficiency.  Take up the ultimate challenge in the infinite sectors and survive as long as possible.

Easy and simple controls

TMIYC is an arcade game designed solely for touch screens. Tap the TMIYCs, intercept or avoid their shots and clean your screen simply with one or two fingers.

tap to shoot
drag/swipe to move or clean the screen from the shots residus.

TMIYC is played in subjective view.
Some zones also allow the player to move and avoid shots.

The player can use up to two fingers to fight the TMIYCs
and intercept their shots.

TMIYCs, Colors, Bonuses and Accuracy.

Each TMIYC comes in three flavors:

Green Family: Does not hurt
Red Family: Hurts!
Blue Family: Deadly!

For each cleaned TMIYC, the player gains soup of the TMIYC’s color.

Accuracy pays!

The more accurate the player is,
the higher his chain kills counter.
The higher the chain kills count, the more soup
is gained for each cleaned TMIYC.

Once enough soup has been gained, a bonus of the corresponding color will spawn in the zone and can be used by the player or kept for the next sector in the same zone.



[EN] Press Release

[FR] Dossier de presse

Press Kit

some stuff... help yourself!


TMIYC’s current gameplay relies heavily on skill and old fashion scoring. If the story mode remains moderately difficult, infinite sectors should satisfy more hardcore players looking for challenges.
However, Toboco’s ambition for TMIYC is to define the basis of a new kind of physical gameplay destined to evolve according
to the players feedback.

TMIYC’s graphic design is inspired by French and Belgium comic books artists of the 70’s and 80’s, so-called “Ecole Franco-Belge”.

Music is inspired by the 80’s and 90’s Shoot’em Up and Beat’em All with a serious touch of modernity to bring out gameplay intensity.

Pay Once, Access All.

10 different zones / 30 sectors / 10 unlockable infinite sectors

No In App Purchase!

TMIYC’s content will keep on growing and evolving.

Available on May 29th 2014.

Only $2.99 / €2.69 App Store on iPad

Is there a Lite version of the app?
Yep! You can download it here. Enjoy!

Can I play on an iPad of first Generation?
Yep! Ye'Ol'Timer will run the game smoothly. Actually, it was one of our objectives. You may encounter a slight frame drop in infinite sectors, if you survive long enough...

Will there be In App purchases?
No. Never for TMIYC. It's a commitment. All upcoming content will be free.

No In App Purchase is fine and dandy, but will you actually be adding more content?
Yes. We are already working on additional content for TMIYC, including zones and new TMIYCs (boss TMIYCs). Be patient, you will be rewarded. Of course, this new content will be completely free.

Are there achievements in TMIYC?
Not yet, but it is under construction and achievements WILL be available in the next update.

What about an iPhone version?
Most of TMIYC's the current zones are not suited for an iPhone screen. The experience would just be frustrating, believe us, we've tried it. So, instead of having a crappy iPhone version which is just the iPad version on a small screen, we are currently working on an iPhone spin off with its owns zones..

What about an Android/Windows(mobile) version?
It is scheduled, but not before fall 2014.

Will there be a PC/Mac version?
TMIYC is based on a touch screen gameplay, hence playing with a mouse is rather... VERY difficult. However, we may give Leap Motion a shot ;)

I have suggestions and/or would like to provide some feedback for you. How can I contact Toboco's team?
Use the contact form, email us at or, even better, visit our forums (coming soon) and leave a post. We have a dedicated area for feedback and ideas. Toboco's team is eager to establish a long lasting relation with players so, truly, do not hesitate. We're just gamers too and have the advantages of being tiny... there are some ^^.

I found a bug ( and I hate you devs!! ;) ).
Use the contact form or email us at and try to describe your bug as precisely as possible. Also please specify the version of the app your running (in the top left corner of the options screen) and the device generation and type (iPad 1, 2, iPad Air...).

I find the game rather difficult... any tips?
You can access to all of the game tips in the last section of the help screen. Among those, some are very important: play in a comfortable stance, use two fingers, be accurate to gather as much soup as possible and unlock many bonuses, use your bonuses, remember some can be combined for maximum efficiency, keep moving a lot if the zone allows it.

About Toboco

Toboco is a small self editing three men studio, each with very different backgrounds, but led by a common passion for video games, music and art. Like in every micro structure, each partner is involved in many things.

Dominique Toutut (Cofounder & CEO)
is the original game creator in charge of game/level design, lead animation and code development.

Yann Berthonneau
authored all the graphics, including character animation, took in charge a pretty good chunk of the levels design and brought his own feeling the final game design.

Stephane Boussuge (Cofounder)
is Toboco’s sound and music master, and composed all the themes for TMIYC.

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